Elizabeth by Stella Kelvin – 2016

Elizabeth is the first book of a dear friend of mine Nachilla Kaluba who goes by the pen name Stella Kelvin, Stella being her original name and Kelvin her dad’s name. The book is the first of a series, coming out soon. It centres around the life of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is described as a mysterious story about “a young girl with a troubled life, in search of purpose and sanity, she stretches into a new universe where puzzles never fit.”. Although a fiction some events stem from real life, after finding out her parents are not her real parents Elizabeth she then goes to live with her real parents and goes through a few misfortunes ending up with another family with their own past. 

I met Nachi in my last year of University. I am so thankful that out friendship has maintained it’s strength regardless of how much time we spend apart. Nachi is has an incredible mind, we always have great thought provoking conversations and a mutual love for literature. Things Fall Apart was a book recommended to me by Nachi, I had never heard of it before and after reading it, my perception of a few things changed so thank you Nachi. I definitely recommend reading her book, get into the mind of young and talented women. 



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