Blues for Mr Charlie by James Baldwin – 1964 *

Characters: Richard Henry, Meridian Henry, Mother Henry, Tom, Ken, Arthur, Juanita, Lorenzo, Pete, Lyle Britten,  Jo Britten, Parnell James, Papa D., Hazel, Lillian, Susan, Ralph, Ellis, Rev. Phelps, George, The State, Counsel for the Bereaved, Congregation of Reverend Henry’s church and pallbearers.

Synopsis: This play is loosely based around the murder of Emmett Till in 1955, a young black teen brutally murdered by two white men for allegedly flirting with the wife of one of them. It begins with darkness followed by a gun shot, when the lights come up we see Lyle picking up and carrying Richard’s body upstage. Lyle then drops him on the weeds and shouts abuse to the corpse.

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