My name is Helena Natacha Morais (hnmorais) I am an actor and the creator of ‘Plays 4 POC’. This is a growing platform that should soon become an incredible tool for actors of colour. As an actor myself, looking for the right monologue can be tough, particularly a monologue that is fitting. Yes, being able to jump into the skin of any character is part of the job. However, sometimes there’s a sense of detachment when it seems your own skin isn’t accessible due to a limited number of resources available, or rather not knowing where and how to find these resources.

So to put that angst aside, I have arranged an encyclopedia of plays for people of colour. Also allowing a growing discussion with other actors and theatre goers. On the reviews page you can watch and read reviews of plays I have seen, you are also welcome to leave comments on plays/books you have seen, read or discuss anything I have mentioned. 

I also look forward to showcasing other people’s work and my own. This is under the new work tab. If you want to share your work feel free to message me on the contact page. Under news you can expect to find any new announcements I have made.

Final words, this website is a guide to help people of colour find the right material for them, however it goes without saying that this is for anyone and everyone who simply has an interest in literature.

If you want to have a look at some of my work, take a look at the showreel I created and the rest of my youtube.

Thank you.