Welcome to Plays 4 POC!

This site has been designed to save you from the stress of searching but not finding a play, with characters who look like you. Here you should expect to find a list of available POC plays, reviews of plays, where you can buy and watch them.  Most importantly attempting to make them easily accessible in PDF, I will also be performing some of the monologues so you have a sense of what they’re about.

But it doesn’t stop there if you are solely interested in reading books. There is also a book only section, the books suggested have all been tried tested and read by me and are all incredible. My all time favourites will be marked with a *, if interested you should also find a ‘My thoughts’ section underneath the book/plays description.

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Keep in mind that this site is fairly new, however new material will constantly be added onto the site. To keep yourself posted press the follow button at the bottom of the page. If there are any book or play suggestions you have, please make use of the contact me page. This site is for you by you, so your help is welcome and necessary.

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