Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche – 2013

Synopsis: This book beautifully encapsulates the concept of race, identity and culture, how do they fit and oppose each other. Ifemelu was born and raised in Nigeria, however in the wake of military dictatorship, she and a few others leave the country. Ifemelu goes to the US to live with her auntie and young cousin. She leaves behind her high school sweetheart Obinze, who she hopes to be reunited with him when he manages to get to the US, but he is denied a visa and goes to London. As time flies we see how Ifemelu deals with her studies, work, racism, relationships and soon becoming a well known blogger. However she has not forgotten Obinze, how much has his life changed since they’ve last seen each other and can they get back together?


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