Folk-Tales of Angola (collected) by Heli Chatelain -1894 *

Synopsis: This is a collection of 50 folk tales from Angola, they are written in English and Kimbundu, one of the six most spoken Bantu languages out of the 42 dialects. Some of the stories included are Ngana Fenda Maria, The Girls and the Ma-Kishi, The Kianda and the Young Woman, Mr. Carry-me-not and Mr. Tell-me-not, The Child of the Hunter and the Child of the Deer and so on. The story of Ngana Fenda Maria follows a beautiful young woman in her journey to rescue a man who because of his beauty has been cursed to eternal sleep. When she finds him she asks a slave girl to help her rescue him, however when the young man awakes the slave takes all the credit for his rescue and claims to be Ngana Fenda Maria. How will Fenda prove her true identity? Another story features the Ma-Kishi, who are known as two faced demons, one face is of an attractive man and the other is of a hyena. They use their face and charm to lure young women to then eat them with their hyena face.

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