Kindred by Octavia E Butler – 1979 *

Synopsis: Set in the 60’s this dystopian novel follows the life of Dana, a young black writer who is just moving into her new apartment with her white husband. The story begins with the pair in hospital as Dana had just suffered a freak accident that is quite inexplicable. We later learn that on her 26th birthday Dana has an experience that is out of this world, she was taken back in time into the 19th century, Maryland America at the peek of slavery. Her first appearance was at a river where a young boy was drowning, Dana immediately rushes to his rescue and revives him, his mother however isn’t too grateful for Dana’s help. Dana manages to return to the present, but is constantly having these episodic returns to the past. Aside from the strangeness of it all there seems to be a reason why Dana keeps appearing in that particular place at that particular time.


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