Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman – 2001 (series)

 Synopsis: This novel plays with the idea of an alternate society with noughts = whites and crosses = blacks. In this world crosses rule everything and do not mix with noughts, particularly in an intimate way. However when Sephy a cross, daughter of a rich politician falls in love with Callum a nought things can only turn sour. Callum is admitted to Sephy’s school, an elite predominantly nought school, however after a bomb set up by the Liberation Militia goes off at a shopping centre, he is expelled. Callum’s father and brother were involved in the attack, his father is imprisoned for life and his brother persuades Callum to join the group. Meanwhile Sephy goes off to boarding school, but continues to hope that she will have a chance with Callum. 3 years later upon her return, Callum asks to meet Sephy at her family’s private beach. Is this the moment she’s been waiting for or quite the opposite? 

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