Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor – 1976

This novel has a prequel and two more sequels. It recounts the lives of the Logan family through the eyes of Cassie, a 9 year old African-American girl living in 1933 Mississippi. It begins with Cassie and her brothers Stacey 12, Christopher-John 7 and Little Man 6 on their first day back to school. Growing up black at this time in America is difficult racism and violence is heavy and there is a divide between black and white people. Cassie cannot bear that her school books are hand-me-downs from the white schools, she is enraged when she finds a chart stating that due to it’s bad condition the book will be sent to “nigra” students. Cassie also doesn’t understand why she must be nice to the white folk who are constantly evil and disrespectful.  When Cassie’s mother urges black people in their community to stop visiting the Wallace store ran by a white family things get heated. The Wallace family are suspected to be part of the night men and responsible for burning and mutilating Mr. Berry. How much more damage can they do?


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